Greening Out

The surf went pretty much flat so we decided to indulge in some cultural immersion for the week.  Drove into the 'Hill Country' to look at some more primitive villages and mind-blowing landscapes.  Here's five photos from the trip into the heartlands of Sri Lanka.

Misty morning in the town of God-Knows-Where.  The quiet filling the air hangs only for a brief moment before the sound of tuk tuk engines, hawkers and the normal hustle and bustle sets in. Click on the link to read more.

Everything on our trip to the mountains was so, damn, green.

We took a train across the southern mountain range.  It moved as fast as an old woman - but the view out the window was great.

Tea plantations fill the majority of farmable land in the Hill Country.  Hear of Dilmah? Ceylon Tea? No? well that leafy goodness comes from this joint.