Done but not Dusted

Here are some screen-shots of the final design of I hope you like the new look.  As you can tell... I'm kinda into orange.  After the first round of 'criticisms' I simplified the home page and began removing any elements that were not integral to the brand (my brand!)

Please not that the html5 and css3 site has been made for modern browsers... This means it looks like shit in Internet Explorer (ie) but I hope you dont use that rubbish.

The services page.  Simple 3 column grid, subtitles, pictograms.  All tied together by my attempt at literary wit, and a grey/cream/orange scheme. 

While in Singapore I became obsessed with pictograms and their eternal life-times. They're awesome, they're useful, they'll always be around.  I even pictogram-ed myself!  Jump onto the website and let me know what you think.